carsten nicolai

wellenwanne lfo

metal, glass, acrylic glass, mirror, audio equipment, water, light, sound
room installation, dimensions variable
wellenwanne lfo wellenwanne lfo

the installation wellenwanne lfo uses principles from optics and acoustics, demonstrating the polarity of the elements chaos and order, movement and stagnancy. a two-channel composition of sub frequency sounds is transmitted onto the surface of a specially designed water pond via four exciters through variations in air pressure. each sound continuously creates concentric circle waves causing interference patterns when they meet. by means of synchronizing the sound waves with a stroboscope the wave patterns can be made visible on a display screen. depending on the original frequencies induced on the water surface the interference patterns can be either regular or irregular hence creating orderly or rather chaotic visual results that cannot be entirely controlled. in this context the installation can be perceived either as a scientific means of analysis or a resource of meditation, reflecting on natural phenomenona on an almost philosophical scope.